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N/n? How are you here?. Everything about this nation leads to death, and it has to be cleansed. But I cant live in this place knowing that she she died here. TW: Fireworks (Loud noises), cursing, fluff. Hey mi Cario/a his tired lips uttered back, the ends of them curling upwards at your flustered state curtsy of his chosen pet name. Im sorry if your tall but for the sake of the story the reader is short. Y/N straightened her tie. Here have some blue, he said. I look up to find the one and only Peter Parker, perched on the landing above. Its to help you not feel sad anymore.. What do they think is beautiful about them? F ight - Would they be easy to forgive their s/o? (Fluff alphabet by @magical-warlock !! So, here I am, in the training room, throwing objects at the wall and watching them . . Okay, being Peters girlfriend is the best, Im not saying it isnt, but honestly, this boy needs to learn that just because I have the ability to move objects with my mind, doesnt mean I have to do everything for him! Alex turns his phone around again, facing you to him. reader) (pt 1), knight in netherite (knight!technoblade (pt 3)), knight in netherite (knight!technoblade (pt 3.5)), wilbur (tommy's older sibling! Quackity loves your smile, that and your voice. Wait, were you guys texting me from the same room? Im sorry, I should have stopped them sooner, he whispered. You hadnt actually thought that he would agree. I didnt need your help, I say laughing and slightly shoving him backward. In front of her were the large dark oak doors leading to Schlatts office. Through all the chaos, Philza made his way home. Especially if those people have never met you in real life. "I don't understand why it has to be perfect. Philza Minecraft, the father of Wilbur, murders his son, in front of everyone. You take your keys and head out, the pale moon engulfing the sky. My phone begins vibrating. Hes shy to kiss if hes streaming or anything, he likes to keep it to just hugging and holding hands, off camera though hell take a kiss when he wants, even if others are watching. Why are all of you so sad? Bye!. "Exactly y/n, you start with your heading, you say dear and then the person you are talkin. He was already bathed and now covered in a blue blanket. The clatter of her red heels filled the hallway. You're coming backAnd it's the end of the worldWe're starting overAnd I love you darlingAnd I am done, dear. Youve gotten louder aswell, youre not afraid to yell around the house if need be, thats for sure. (changed the title because people kept getting confused haha) Quackitys arm draped lightly on your side. Are you saying you like the book more than me? you mockingly gasped melodramatically. Fireworks sound outside and cries of battle can be heard. Francis heaved a deep sigh of impatience, moving both hands against one another in a vain effort to drive back the cold of winter. In 1157 Henry the Lion, duke of Bavaria, granted the monks the right to establish a market where the road from Salzburg met the Isar River. Hope you enjoy! There was a huge house like tent with lanterns everywhere. Plus, I know how pretty I am." you smirk and start laughing. Explosions ring out across the whole nation, some even flinging me across the room. But- I cut in before Peter could interrupt. Everything could be done tomorrow or the next day. Whatever you say, babe, Peter says grinning. ~~~~~~~~~~~ 7 years old~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The drive takes another 30 minutes before Tommy turns into a parking lot. Secretly, he enjoys that you have larger wings Not only does it mean warmer hugs, but they're soft enough for cuddling When he is on the receiving side of affection, he'll be stubborn at first but melts into it eventually Rubbing his head into your shoulder as your wings tuck around you two I'm sorry if your tall but for the sake of the story the reader is short. Gods woundsthat woman is seriously trying to make me take her in the mostvilest of ways He grumbled while he watched you oblivious to his predicament. But shes not there, shes gone. Y/n had taken the news surprisingly well, but what was unknown to everyone but Y/n, was that Y/n had already expected this outcome. But when he's drunk he's a big snuggler. He finally looked up at her scowling. Holy shit! And were you in a call with Tommy from the same place?. #karljacobs R omance - How romantic are they? Thanks <3, Yes I got it! But, can she bring him back after hes been revived? There you are, Schlatt lifted up his hand waving the empty bottle in her face, Get me more alcohol. Y/N pushed the bottle away. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. The man he was before the alcohol and power got to him. I see no party. You should knov that I love you more than life itself. I meant to post this months ago but i forgot about it and it has sat in my drafts ever since. The hospital. Yup, just peachy, but just as the words leave my lips, one end of the pipe breaks off the wall, leaving me dangling. Tommy grabs hold of my hand and pulls me around the bend. I started writing it but then I got stuck . Sam said, equally annoyed. "Can you stop that-" Sam started, monotoned. All translations in the description It was your good friend Dave that was bothering you. In which (y/n) falls in love with Quackity . Every warm breath escaped his lips as a cloud of drifting, fading smoke, soft against the black sheet of the sky, obscuring his vision. You weren't surprised when you saw your good friend Feliciano springing along amongst the snow like an over excited child, his small brown curl bouncing slightly with every leap of faith he took to get further into the thickening snow. Fundy didn't like his younger sister so he left her and sat far away from her. Thats when he turns back to face me. I freed myself from Tommys hold and ran down the path to the crowd. They chuckled, "Quackity i'm covered in flour." He pulled her closer grumbling, "Don't care." He straightened up placing a soft kiss on their cheek. The week had been busy, and you were happy that it was finally over. Its 16 hours long and full of amazing songs that will help while you write or do school work. Quackity walked up behind her wrapping his arms around their waist. Like, take Karl for example, he knows every one of my favorite songs. Give me that, get me this! He gives me a small smile and pulls me into a hug. the blonde asked in concerned. Enough! I walk faster as I see the place where a hidden door lies. Turn that off! Tommy, I dont like this, I say, pulling my arm out of his grasp and backing up. Nothing, throwing things at the wall is fun. Snapping silly random pics and sending them, hoping for silly stupid pics back to save, that and facetiming. Y/N worked with him. I highly recommend it for when youre doing literally anything. I begin to run up the stairs while putting in my comns. She walked quickly heading for Schlatt's office. What are you doing? A voice says behind me. Do it, do it or they will!. reblog appreciated! Worked for the success of Manburg. It depends, some days hes got you down to a T, sometimes he misses the mark by alot but he is very empathetic! Mi amor, hermosa/o, mi vida, sweetheart, he prefers mi amor and hermosa/o the most! Like trying out new things or helped them overcome personal problems? Munich, or Mnchen ("Home of the Monks"), traces its origins to the Benedictine monastery at Tegernsee, which was probably founded in 750 ce. I huff in annoyance, the last thing I want to do is rant to Steve. He likes to lay his head on your lap. Chat! anon quackity x reader dream smp x reader mcyt x reader angst quackity x y/n quackity x you horned reader tw self harm tw panic attack. ), precious pet (sapnap (and kinda dream team) (request)), it started with spilt coffee (george (request)), stargazing and picnics (sapnap (request)), hairdos and story time (technoblade (request)), do you want to know a secret? A couple of weeks went by and nothing changed. He doesnt show it on stream, but without the beanie, he thinks he looks almost better without it, although you joke with him and say its illegal without his beanie. I like constructive criticism too, so I can improve as a writer. N/n and I have to go. Besides, you're going over to a friend's house; hopefully, he won't be too mad. Yeah, so it turns out, Im so mentally exhausted that I have no control over my abilities! But the good news is, their base is about to be completely destroyed! I say breathlessly as I run up the fourth flight of stairs, 20 more to go! Alex turns his phone around, showing you to his stream. I nspiration - Did their s/o change them somehow, or the other way around? This bend was conveniently wide enough for me not to be able to see the other side. In other words Ludwig really wish he didnt have the mind of a sex maniac. -He can get really jealous when y'all are out with friends and you're paying more attention to them than him especially if it's someone like Dream or Wilbur And trust me when I say youll not be happy with that! Tommy says as he takes a corner way too fucking fast. But its not there anymore. Cute and silly photos with: dream, georgenotfound, sapnap, quackity, karl jacobs, nihachu, wilbur soot. They chuckled, Quackity im covered in flour. He pulled her closer grumbling, Dont care. He straightened up placing a soft kiss on their cheek. Are you okay? Peter says with a sound of urgency in his voice. . Hes upfront about the relationship and he likes to brag! HAPPY BIRTHDAY QUACKITY I HOPE HE HAS THE BEST DAY EVER (also out there gettin old/j) OKAY ANYWAY WE KNOW THE DRILL PICTURES. But my annoyance with Peter is overruling my need to cuddle with him. The tent was illuminated by what I guessed to candles or lanterns. Tears were forming as Y/n read this. He runs outside, everyone else following. Nein, of course not! You should knov that I love you more than life itself. sorry for this being so short, i only added my comfort streamers, but i still hope you guys enjoy it! I unlock my phone to see multiple messages from the boys. Look, she passes him the file. Tommy playfully gasps, Okay, now youre not getting it back!. BE PROUD OF ME!!! Y/n was in the kitchen baking fresh bread. Youre never gonna let me live that down are you? He asks, the corners of his mouth lifting up slightly. A playing card whipped past Sam's left ear, another on his right. Wilbur went to get some food and find shelter. You risked your life for all of us and made sure our lives were perfect. What happens when she wakes up to find her lover gone and a ghost in his place? I connect to the link to the main frequency immediately calling Tony. Warnings: Alcohol, Angst, Fighting, Language, Prompt: This used to be a great country but you are destroying it.. Alright Y/n, I need you to tell us where you are. Hey Alex says quietly, using if hand to gently turn my head to face him. "Oh whatever Y/n.". With the ram man! "I'm moving back to Italy with fratello's. Most of the buildings were finished, but the Eiffel Tower was . Why isnt a game pulled up on the computer? Please answer them before they start bugging me, Tommy says, handing his phone to me and then leaning on the car. I mean, Im a Twitch Streamer for goodness sake. ), Glatts working on the Quackity ones, by the way! Everyone turned to Y/n who was staring at this ghostly figure standing on the walkway. Well, Mujer Bonita, we dont have our set up with us at the moment, I heard Big Q say through the call. Once full of life and love. - youre gay- can read- support gay people- want to hold a match between your fingers as you wander the halls of an ancient castle because its your only source of light amidst the ghosts of people long past- are an antelope- or want a chocolate bar. And if he holds you close like this no one can hurt you. What was the first kiss like? Y/n is fundys little sister. 1,221 notes Mar 4th, 2021. reader) (pt 2), wilbur (tubbo's older sibling! Quackity walked up behind her wrapping his arms around their waist. buuuut i could turn on this little lamp." you said, making your way to your desk and turning on a cute little lamp the shade of warm pink. Though he was very hesitant at first, eventually he snuggles with you. How do you handle Tommys yelling and screaming them? He looks worried, but I just chuckle. He mumbled the last part under his breath. Once given the news, Techno rushed home to find Y/n walking through the garden. he had Quackity loves your smile, that and your voice. I said no. She said, trying to keep her voice steady. As I approach the door, I take a breath, making sure that I want to do this. If I cant have this place with her, no one can! I cry out, loud enough for everyone standing in the wreckage could hear me. He looks from me to the watermarks on his shirt, and back again. Hey chat! I say waving at the camera even if I feel like a complete idiot doing so. When I first met him though, I almost fell out of my chair because I jumped so hard when he yelled out his welcome.. You saw your friend/fellow dog enthusiast Ludwig with his German Shepherd Blitzkrieg. He slowly stood from his chair towering over her. "To finish your stupid fucking tower." M arriage - Do they want to get married? Phil, there was a special place where men and women could go. Should be. I frown, both confused and disappointed. Tommy! Its been so long that the button might not even work. He nuzzled into her neck. His chapped lips made contact with the top of your head and you looked up at Quackity, making tender eye contact with him. He wants to hold you but at the same time be held. #dreamsmp 1,221 notes. I scan the file, eyes widening. It's just so comforting to him. quackity doesnt like being shipped with other cc (mainly his friends), but this isnt supposed to be shipping him with anyone but y/n. One piece hit my shoulder knocking me to the ground. Quackity like his hair! And Alex couldnt seem to let go of my hand, but Im not complaining. Alright, calm down! Youll just have to wait and see missy, He replies. He loves for you to lay your head on his chest. , of course not! Did you forget that you have a college essay due tomorrow?. Werent you playing on the SMP?. Sighing, you leaned back and waited his response, quietly . Well, his singing definitely comes in handy, whether it be you had a bad day, cant sleep, etc. Quackity is fine with a routine, he wont mind anything to spice up the relationship, but he wont go out of his way to spice it up besides like getting you chocolate filled croissants and coffee for breakfast instead of eggs and sausages. The Casino was the highlight of Las Nevadas, next to the Space Needle. Clasping an empty whiskey bottle in his hand. Things pile onto each other and Y/n cant seem to find the strength to complete a mission, putting her life in danger. Hey! You were the happiest on earth and you gently stroked his tiny back. A cozy little house. Hey! It seems that you have been relocated and your tracker has been deactivated, a voice that could only belong to Captain Steve Rogers himself. However, h, Over Dramatic (Germany x Reader) The broken and battered buildings loomed over you like the remains of a shattered nation. This causes you to laugh harder. I promise. He sticks his pinky out for me to link with mine. Alex immediately looks back to see me sitting on the ground, shaking. Oh, Tommys fine. This is why he did what he did, isnt it? But as she went to thank all of them, a ghostly voice made her freeze. There is nothing here. The stars twinkle in their distance, and the streets are very quiet, save for your footsteps and the occasional meowing of a cat. He hummed a soothing German lullaby as he wrapped his arms around your waist and buried his head into your hair, inhaling your scent. He loves for you to lay your head on his chest. But he did. Sam's jaw clenched. Theyve apparently been hiding in the shadows for weeks now. I dont know what I was thinking at the time, but I shouldnt have let him. you try not to completely distract him but it never works bc he just gives up & tackles you back onto the bed, definitely one of those guys to jump on top of you when you ask to cuddle, youre so used to it that you can avoid it if you wanted, but if you do he gets all pouty so its better to just risk a concussion or bruised ribs <(_ _)>, will do that whiny, nuzzling face further into you thing if you stop playing w/ his hair during cuddles, alternatively, he also likes playing with your hair, will try to braid a little piece of it but just end up getting it all tangled rip, cannot do the cuddling while gaming/working thing, bc he wants to give his full attention to you (` ), he just wants to hug you back but he cant do that & be in a call terrorizing karl so its best to just wait until hes done, however if hes not actually doing anything important, go right ahead, i do not care how much shorter than him you may or may not be he will sit in your lap, but its more of the sit right next to you w/ his arms around your shoulders & his legs over your legs kind of deal, will kind of halfheartedly tickle you when cuddling, just like a poke or two to make you laugh but then back to holding you, he loves it & is not afraid to admit it or demand that you cuddle him. Well, well, well, I knew you could do it. Pass me that, would you? Peter asks, pointing to the cup of water on the counter. So I keep scrolling to find this. ), Who Could Ever Hurt You? Usually y, The evening was quiet. History. Only your husband, Ludwig was missing. Completed discord dreamsmp dsmp +11 more # 16 Lullaby | quackity x reader by !! Dreams together. If you know the artist, please tell me and I shall give proper credits and link back to the original picture.). Ive only met Tommy in person and he is currently staying over for the next couple of weeks. You were the best sister and friend any of us could have asked for. Tommy, I whined, walking over to him and placing my head on his shoulder. Alex pulled his hands away from my ears as soon as he was certain that there were no more fireworks. Shut up! She walked quickly heading for Schlatts office. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~. Shes gone and there is nothing I can do about it. I mean, you are paying more attention to that book, you mumbled. Well chat, Tommy interrupts. Okay, so, I didnt actually do anything helpful in all honesty. I GOT WAY TOO BUSY WITH WORK AND SCHOOL AND STREAMING THAT I COMPLETELY FORGOT! she chirped. Summary: Y/ns boyfriend, Peter, uses Y/ns powers a little too carelessly. As you sat down you let out a sigh of relief. How am I gonna explain everything that has happened?. But you fought so hard to get this land back, he tries to reason with me. Sam sighed. "Look chat! Lets cuddle, Luddy, you said, tugging at your sexy German boyfriends shirt sleeve from where you sat beside him on the couch. #callahan Will was 20, fundy was 4 and y/n was 1. A/N: A shorter one this time! Hey! You haven't even given him a name yet so you started thinking about the. Withers had been spawned at his command and chaos had started. But I love you too. He quickly sits down next to me and covers my ears with his hands. -Quackity isn't insecure so he doesn't get jealous too often -Keyword OFTEN -He ofc has his moments just like everybody else. I cant get a good nights rest anymore! Oh wow, Purpled this is amazing, she whispered as she made her way up to the plaque so she could read what it said. Tommy looks over when he hears me laugh at the boys reaction. Y/N flinched trying to stand up straighter. Purpled made this for you. Apparently, it could. - youre gay- can read- support gay people- want to hold a match between your fingers as you wander the halls of an ancient castle because its your only source of light amidst the ghosts of people long past- are an antelope- or want a chocolate bar. Sorry, I didnt want them to spill the surprise! He said. How do they propose? Me being one of the only girls along with Niki has its perks. Me sitting next to Alex on the loveseat. But at what cost? Please don't favourite/read and run, I enjoy reading comments whether negative or positive. . You blinked. "Get the fuck out of my face and finish the damn tower.".

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