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Sascha Knopf

  Hi! Thank you so much for your interest in shooting your photos with Knopfoto: Photography by Sascha Knopf.

Whether your looking to shoot headshots, event shots or press shots your photos are one of the most important tools for your career. They can make or break whether or not you get called into an audition. If you don’t audition, you don’t get work. Our clients work. Period.

I have been a working actress for the last too many years that I care to write here... And over the course of the unmentioned number of years I have taken a countless number of headshots.  With the rare exception, I have left my sessions feeling discouraged, and rather broke.

I know what you're going through!  And I know what it takes to bring out the best you 'on a good day-but not too good-so it still looks like you' kind of photo!

My sessions are never rushed (I don't count 'looks'), with 100% of the focus on you and getting what you need.    My shoots are collaborations with you, your team, and mine.

For an information packet, or to book your session, please email me at: info@knopfoto.com or call 323-272-3899

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