The Knopfoto Process

Your headshots are your first impression. That's why our primary goal is to get you as prepared as possible to get the best photos possible, and that entails a bit of work (mostly fun) from all of us.

The Pre-Production starts with reviewing your materials (ActorsAccess/LA Casting/IMDB), social media (Instagram/Facebook, etc) to get to know you as the world does.

Next, we meet with you in person (or on Facetime) and map out your looks and strategize on how to accomplish these goals. (We are happy to meet with your reps at this time too and/or correspond with them to make sure we get what they need too!)

From here we make a Pinterest Board to further brainstorm, and categorize our ideas. Seeing the looks and perhaps roles/actors you want to emulate is super helpful. Clients are encouraged to post “selfies” of themselves in their wardrobe ideas that we can respond to.

Then we do an in person, photographed wardrobe fitting where we can narrow down the looks and decide on anything missing. This is a great dress rehearsal, and you will be able to make any changes or grab any necessary missing items.

If we feel it is needed, we will even go shopping with you!* (*ask us)

On Set we will have a look board with your wardrobe fitting photos to check off the looks we prepped for, and make sure we cover everything.

Although we don’t count looks, per-se, we do streamline/combine to make sure you get the most pertinent looks in the allotted time.
You will be able to see select images to approve on our monitor. We are happy to make changes within reason for you to feel your best!

Once the shoot is done, and you have been sent your gallery and downloads, we will help you narrow down the selects. In person photo selection/review is available as well.